Thinking ahead

We knew we needed B-roll for this package on tailgating, but we apparently did not realize how much and what specific things we needed to show. So when it came to edit it together after I had written the script, I realized I had nothing to show during my voice over. And as I was editing I knew what I wanted to show. I wanted to show cops patrolling the area, people throwing a football, better angles of the Reactor lot, a better variety of tailgating shots to choose from.

I basically had to edit the video before I realized what was missing and by then it was too late. So next time I go into a story, I have decided that I will have already made a preliminary video in my head. Something that tells me what things are good to show, what images tell my story. Currently I basically go out there and wing it, which won’t cut it any more. Preparation is important.

That’s what I learned recently.


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