, capitalism’s enemy

I’ve never been a fan of buying things, every purchase I make I agonize over and question repeatedly. I talk myself out of so many purchases by asking, “Do I really need this?” or, “Is this the best price I can get?” Call me frugal, call me a penny-pincher, but I just hate buying things. So it is surprising that I just stumbled on where people give away their stuff for free to people who need it.

There is a great 20 minute video called the Story of Stuff that really makes freecycling even more appealing. It speaks of the dangers of producing so much and then throwing it away. It’s dangerous for our health and the earth’s health.

Then I did a quick search on the Columbia Missourian’s Web site and found a story about a man who fixes and builds computers, something that really needs to be recycled back to consumers instead of to landfills or overseas. It boggles my mind how much stuff we continue to produce as a country and how much of it goes to waste.

The United States had a gross national product of over $14 trillion in 2008 compared to $60 trillion worldwide. Gross national product refers to the total market price of all goods produced by a country. That is a very disproportionate amount for the U.S. compared to the rest of the world.

I plan on using to give away my things now, mostly clothes and old technology, and maybe even getting things sometimes. I love the idea of reducing the consumption of new products, which will hopefully lead to less needless production.


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