Reconciling my choice of Journalism

I come from a long line of engineers. My brother is a computer and electrical engineer. My mother and father were both engineers.  My father’s father did something with pipes. I am a journalist.

In my opinion I think there is a greater variety in the day of a journalist. Every situation is unique from the last and the need for problem solving is a critical. Problem solving is one of my favorite things which I think might have originated from my early love of math and science, actually. But as I grew up I saw that the world was a lot more complicated than I thought science would be able to ever explain, or a journalist for that matter. But somehow I grew to feel that I would enjoy exploring the world more as a journalist than an engineer.

It’s been a difficult road learning the ropes so far. It has made me question this path sometimes, thinking how I could be innovating creative solutions to modern problems as an engineer instead of trying to tell people about the innovations of others. But I don’t have the patience to start school over again in another field, so I’m going back to my original skill of problem solving and I’ll figure out a way to use the skills I do have to solve some problems.

I’ll continue to learn and grow as I get more experience as a journalist. Before this semester I had never done any reporting. I’d never written a news story or worked in a news room. I am excited to get more opportunities for work.


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