I’m back.

I’m back from Costa Rica and also back to blogging. I’ll briefly summarize my Costa Rica experience. A lot of the things I did seemed like commercialized pureness. I stayed two nights at a hotel in the mountains of La Rincon de la Vieja where I zip lined, rode horses to hot springs, and went down a huge waterslide on the mountain. I was in nature, yet I was being hand fed everything still. And I really liked it. I can see how Costa Rica has such a thriving eco-tourism industry. The people are nice, the city was fun and safe, and you can see every star in the sky. I especially enjoyed the food there. The typical plate, called a casado, is rice, beans, a small salad, and a meat all on one plate. I ate rice and beans for practically every meal and it was delicious. Bottom line, I thoroughly enjoyed Costa Rica. Pura vida, mae.

As far as my goals went, I did make some contacts that I can communicate with to practice the Spanish, I wrote a short paper (in Spanish) on the abundant clean energy in Costa Rica. They use about 99% renewables, 70-something of which is hydro-electric. My journal was updated daily as planned, however the ten new words did not make it in every day. And I did take many pictures, I’ll put a few stand-outs on here when I get my computer back from Tiger Tech.

With a change in the semester is also coming a change in my blogging. This blog will be less about me and more about a topic I am interested in from now on. It’s probably fairly obvious based on previous entries that the theme will be clean energy, going green, and environmental issues. I argue that clean renewable energy and other green issues are and should be the most important issues of our time and hold the solutions to many of the world’s current problems. Beyond that, being in the sustainability business is my ultimate goal and with this blog I’ll have the motivation to continue researching in order to keep myself informed and have the opportunity to inform others. Two birds, one stone.


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