Chase, a mountain top removal financier

I’ve seen some touching documentaries about mountain top removal and coal mining in general. A lot of the controversy takes place in West Virginia. One of my favorites is “Coal Country”, and here is one by Morgan Spurlock (that guy who did Supersize Me) where he lives the life of a coal miner. This is an ad by Coal River Mountain Wind Project; you may have seen this one on hulu already.

It’s truly terrible, but the battle rages on between Big Coal and people who like the climate the way it is. This week activist groups such as Rainforest Action Network are going after the banks that finance these operations, namely JP Morgan Chase. Other groups in the past have also attacked Bank of America for financing coal power plants all over the world. And they have succeeded somewhat, in 2008 Bank of America announced plans to phase out investing of mountaintop removal mining, and instead invest in carbon capture. The latter portion was criticized by environmental groups.

My conclusion is that the actions from these environmental groups do have an effect and the media plays a huge roll in their success. So I submit my contribution to their efforts with this statement prepared by the Rainforest Action Network.

“JP Morgan Chase is the biggest U.S. financier of Mountaintop Removal (MTR). Mountaintop removal is the highly destructive mining practice that blows apart the tops of mountains in order to access coal in the cheapest way possible. MTR has buried over 2000 miles of rivers and streams and destroyed nearly 1.2 million acres of the Appalachian range. MTR has severely contaminated the air and drinking water, causing increased rates of mortality and disease for local people in the mountains of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia.

“Join dozens of organizations and thousands of online activists in convincing Chase to stop destroying American mountains. Take a simple action on your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blog or email to end mountaintop removal in 2010. Go to for instructions and PUT CHASE ON THE RUN!”

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