Avatar: best environmental blockbuster ever

I saw Avatar back in December, but upon reflecting and seeing some of the news about James Cameron being an environmentalist, I felt conflicted. True, the film has  theme of interaction with the environment and nature. However this is a huge budget film and making a movie is not inherently “green”.

I’m not saying the Mr. Cameron didn’t make any efforts to be environmentally friendly with the filming of his movie, but it’s just a hard task to complete. There are a lot of trucks, power, and resources required to produce a movie.

I want to look beyond all of that and see the movie for its message(s) which were not subtle at all. I think initially it reminds viewers of Americans going to foreign lands in search of oil and waging war over the resource. Then we can see from there that hunting down these natives and destroying their environment is not a good thing to do. In real life, hunting down and consuming the resources is what is also dooming us, for lack of a better word.

What makes it most environmental is Cameron’s comments about the movie and the way he sees the world. “I just want them to internalize a sense of respect and a sense of taking responsibility for the stewardship of the earth… and I think this film can do that by creating an emotional reaction,” he said in a Filmcast interview.  Cameron went so far as to call himself an activist, something I think should be applauded. Someone who has such a far-reaching voice should be willing to stand up for the things he loves, which for him are the oceans and coral reefs actually.

Many celebrities have crossed over to activism: Leonardo DiCaprio, Daryl Hannah, Bono, and hundreds of others. I’m glad they are taking advantage of their fame for a good cause.

I’m excited for the Avatar DVD.


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