Show-Me Sustainability Conference gets official

I’m here at the conference learning about sustainability. I just potted some plants: carrots and flowers.

That’s Tyler. He’s been here with me all day tabling at the conference. So far we’ve collected 11 videos of people thanking Chancellor Brady Deaton for his commitment to get off of coal eventually and encourage them to make a fast transition.

This conference is a great opportunity to gather many like-minded people to see what  each other are doing. There are students (and not students) from around the state making and listening to presentations about their projects. There were workshops on topics from gardening to biking to maintaining a student organization.

This is the second year of the conference and to make it a little more official, they are forming the Missouri Student Environmental Coalition (MSEC). A group to unify the youth environmental movement for a sustainable future. It’s interesting to see this coalition come together, Patrick Margherio, who is heavily involved in chartering the group said, “It’s like continuing the conference for the whole year.”

The group had a chance to make edits to their charter constitution today and they plan on electing officials within a few weeks. The coalition will serve as a way to pool resources for student environmental groups around the state.


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