Plant-based plastic bottles are still plastic bottles

I’ve been seeing a lot of Dasani ads in magazines and on TV about their new bottles that are 30% plant-based and 100% recyclable. Nice attempt to cover up the disposable water bottle system with greenery. These individually packaged plastic water bottles are a complete waste and being recyclable or made from plants won’t change it.

I’ve shared this before on this blog, it is the Texas-sized collection of trash in our oceans.

And Annie Leonard also has The Story of Bottled Water, a good video as well.

I always have seen disposable water bottles as an enormous waste. There is just no need for it when tap water and filtered water are just as good or better in most developed areas. People who don’t have access to clean water could use this bottled water, but notice that it is the water they need, not the bottles. Sometimes it gets to be frustrating what we, everybody, spend money on when there is so much more help that the world needs.

That’s enough preaching. I just want to offer some encouragement to forgo the plastic disposable bottles altogether. Get a re-useable bottle or really stick it to the man and re-use one of their disposable plastic bottles.


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