This may be a crazy theory

All of the oil in the gulf is going to be spreading throughout the Atlantic Ocean by the end of summer. That is a fact. Beyond that is where my lack of scientific understanding of the way climates work may become a factor. But I have this thought:

The oil will stop the Atlantic Ocean water from getting as cold in the winter, causing ocean currents to change dramatically as the gulf stream morphs due to these wildly differing temperatures in the ocean. This will form more hurricanes which will throw a lot of oily water onto the southern coast of the U.S.

In a year when all the oil is completely spread throughout the ocean giving it a very dark tinge, and weird smell, and will sometimes light on fire, there will be an extreme drought in the U.S. and most of Europe due to the ocean currents grind to a halt from the stagnant oily water. Large dust storms and deserts will form in the U.S. killing and starving thousands.

The fishing economies on the coast will be in ruins because fish will be dead. Probably all the fish.

Eventually the oil will reach around the globe, because BP will never figure out how to stop the oil from gushing out. In 2015, the well will finally run dry, but the earth’s water supplies will be saturated with oil. The world population decreases by 60 percent.

I will move to Duluth because they have their own lake weather, it will be safe there. Maybe a little warmer than usual.


One thought on “This may be a crazy theory

  1. That is a scary theory, I hope it doesn’t actually happen, although the part about BP not figuring out how to cap the well will most likely come true.

    And Duluth will gladly welcome all, especially you.

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