I made a recipe

So I was watching the Food channel most of the day and they were making some delicious items. Then I went grocery shopping, and when I got back I felt like trying to make my own delicious item. Of course I did not do this the right way. A better cook probably would have planned out the ingredients, shopped for them, and cooked them in an organized manner.

I did not do that. I made something I like to call, “Messed up meat balls on a bun, with potatoes half an hour later.” The recipe goes like this:

I bought an onion in anticipation of cooking something that requires onions. Then I got home and made the recipe from the ingredients I had.

The recipe as I wrote it on my notepad: “some chopped onions, oil, kidney beans, cheese, bits of bread. Mix into ground meat in bowl. Cook balls of meat in pan. Serve with baked potatoes. Mixed fruit desert.”

Here’s how it went: I mixed all the ingredients, began cooking the meat, but the meat was not cooking through because the balls were too thick. So I flattened them. In my hamburger cooking and flattening excitement, I forget about the potatoes which take forever to cook, apparently. So I ditch the baked potatoes, sort of. I make potato slices and bake them instead, but that still takes 45 minutes.

In the meantime I ended up eating the burgers with wheat buns I just got and baby carrots. When the potatoes were done I ate them with ketchup. Cookies for desert, because that sounded better than fruit.

I took a picture after it was half eaten. It was delicious.


One thought on “I made a recipe

  1. The few times I’ve seen pictures of your meals, they have been half-eaten. Please be more on top of things next time.

    Also, I love you and your cooking adventures. It would be great if you could practice more before you come see me, then make me an amazing meal!

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