Thursday was sit-in car day

Total hours in a car Thursday: 12
Hours awake Thursday: 22

It was all worth it because I’m in Minneapolis with my boo, but those hours between 10:30pm and 3am on the highway make you go nuts. Add one Full Throttle (what kind of gas station has no red bull?) and some Red Hot Chilipeppers and you got yourself a stew of a time. There comes a point when you pass the tired threshold and just become a zombie driver drifting between periods of drum solos and loud singing and periods of leaning over the steering wheels noticing how the white lines speed up as they get closer.

I had time to think about some things in the car.

Like the higher utility bills I’m going to have this year because my new apartment is huge and poorly insulated with some old as balls appliances. This brings me to a fantastic idea that I recently heard about. It is called PAYS (Pay as you save) where the utility company buys you some new energy efficient appliances and you pay them back through a surcharge on your electric bill. This is the perfect program for renters because the cost of the improvements stay with the rental unit, as do the savings. So when I am gone in a year, I no longer have to pay for the new fridge, washer, and dryer we received. The savings from the Energy Star appliances should also be greater than the monthly surcharge.

Plus our fridge has some nasty mold going on behind it, probably due to the fact that it leaks water.

Recap of PAYS benefits:

-Save money on utility bills
-New reliable appliances
-Cleaner/healthier home
-No upfront costs
-Payments stay with property

If you are a renter, tell your landlord and city utility you want this program: PAYS.

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