Introducing CompareMySolar

Check out a great new website I’ve started:

It’s called CompareMySolar, where we make it easy to find the right solar installer and panels for you. We just launched in Missouri a couple months ago and we’ve already got ten installers throughout the state who have chosen to work with us. That’s great news for anyone in the state who is interested in installing solar; depending on where you are in the state, there could be up to four installers to choose from.

Let me point out some highlights in using our completely free service.

1) Find your roof and find the solar potential based on your roof area, angle, and shading. Just click the corners of one side of your roof, then click in the middle to show us where the gutter is. Enter some info about your roof and calculate! Then our website gives you a percentage rating to help you see the best spots for solar on your property. Usually it’s a south-facing roof with little to no trees and other shading around it. Curious about your roof? Go enter your address and try it now!

Find your roof.

2) Once we know where you are and what size system you’re looking for, our website gives you several options for panels and installers. Examine the estimated payback period, system output, the installer rating (determined by our objective rating system), and then request a quote from the three that look most appealing to you.

Compare Installers Image

Not sure how to choose the installers you want to hear from? Give us a call at 877-YOU-COMPARE and we’ll give you guidance right away.

3) Before you talk to any installers, someone from CompareMySolar will call you to verify your information and answer your solar questions. There’s a lot to think about when choosing to install solar and we’re there to help you out.

Thanks for visiting the site! Get started here:

-Paul Rolfe
Co-Owner of CompareMySolar Missouri


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