Weeds ended perfectly

I just finished watching the Showtime series Weeds this week. I started a few years ago — binged on the last two seasons over the past week and now I’m done. And I loved it.

The final episode was just the epilogue I was looking for. Silas was happy with his first love; Shane was messed up — but working on it; Nancy had stopped being a selfish, plotting attention whore; and Andy got away from Nancy — also making him happy.

The whole last season was basically reliving the first 7 seasons and all the Shenanigans Nancy had gotten them into. From getting her DEA agent boyfriend murdered, burning down Agrestic, road tripping across the country, etc. Thank goodness she got shot in the head and realized how awful she was being.

I just wanted to say how much I liked it. I especially liked the future world they show — it’s made to be like 8 years in the future. People’s phones are the glass panes that can project keyboards on to tables and are used by swiping the air in front of the phone. Weed is legal, sold in convenience stores like cigarettes. And everything else is pretty much the same. Sounded pretty awesome.


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