CapitolBuddy Features

I have withdrawn my code and resubmitted to the App Store with several improvements now. I’d like to go through and provide a full explanation of how I imagined people would use CapitolBuddy and the new features it has.

Again, CapitolBuddy is primarily a trade tool for lobbyists, and other people working in the capitol. Maybe even legislators themselves will find it useful.

Photo Apr 03, 12 54 09 PM
Committee Members View

All State Representatives and Senators are in the app with the following info:

– Full Name
– District
– Office Phone
– Email address
– Hometown
– Staff members
– All committees
– Biographical data (missing on the House — it takes a while to grab it all from the internet)

You can also browse or search by committee in the “committees tab”. When you click on a committee, you’ll see the Chairman and Vice-Chairman highlighted with 146-gavel and 108-badge, respectively. In the view with committee members listed there’s a “Bills” button in the top left hand corner that brings you to the committee’s website where you can find bills assigned to that committee. See the screen to the left.

You’ll notice Democrats and Republicans are color coded for ease of browsing.

Photo Apr 03, 12 59 26 PM
Senate members view with “Unsent Notes”

On the Senate or House lists you can turn on an icon that shows whose notes have been emailed and whose have not. Simply touch “Unsent Notes” and the button will become a blue “Hide” button as shown below. The members with unsent notes will then have a 08-chat on the side.

To remove this icon (i.e. you don’t want to send the newly saved notes, or don’t need to be reminded), simply swipe the right.

Want it back? Swipe to the left.

I imagined some would use the “Unsent Notes” feature as a temporary marker of people to meet with, key legislators, etc.

Taking notes is extremely simple. An alert will pop up when you have saved to let you know it worked. And if you try to leave without saving an alert will ask you if you’re sure.

To navigate to the notes, choose a legislator and their notes are accessible with the top-right button “Notes”.

Send an email of the individual’s notes by clicking the email notes button. A draft will pop up and you just choose the recipient (probably yourself, but it’s left blank to let you choose the recipient). After sending, the note is marked as “Sent” automatically.

That’s about it!

This is version 1.0, and we’re also half way through the session. In 2014 I’ve got some ideas of features to add. But if you think you’ve got a good idea, leave me a comment and let me know.

Features anticipated for 2014:
– RSS news feed from the state websites
– Live audio from House and Senate floors
– Make notes syncable with Evernote


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