Rate your legislators in CapitolBuddy

I’ve added a simple feature that should be useful for most folks at state capitols. Now you can add a rating to each legislator on the notes page. There’s a slider that let’s you change the rating on a 0 to 5 scale, with increments of one tenth. Then you save it like you would save your notes. Here’s what it looks like:

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 8, 2013 1.24.34 PM

Your ratings are completely private, just like your notes. I have not put the rating into the text of your message when you click “Email”. I know some people guard their legislator rankings like their social security number.

My question for you is, would you like to be able to do even more with the rating? Because I’m considering a re-ordering or re-categorizing tool if you want to sort people by the rating you’ve given them — I think it’s something that would go in the Vote Count section of the app.

For example, you could add all your ratings of 4 and up to the YAY votes tab, and add all your 2’s and below to the NAY votes tab. Keep 3’s in the swing votes. Basically, I’m curious how people will want to use the ratings and the Vote Count feature together.

So, please let me know if you want to be able to do more with your legislator ratings. And look for CaptiolBuddy in the App Store in the next week.


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