Exercise: an exercise in motivation

I work from home, and I’m self employed. I’m lucky to be doing things I love, making new products and apps and always learning. But with all that fun in my work life, and my work life taking place in the same place as my home life, I had sadly let go of the habit of exercising.

Then I signed up for this Warrior Dash: a 5k race with a ton of obstacles in September.


My biggest risk is forgetting that I’m out of shape and going too hard to start, and injuring myself. I found that out when I went for a run a couple weeks ago and proceeded to do some dips and leg lifts at the park. I forgot that my back and arms would be weaker, and ended up with a crazy-tight lower back that night. It was the kind of pain that made walking and bending over for 24 hours. Lesson learned.

I learned and recovered quickly.

Now I’m in a light routine. I run a mile every day right now, just for these first 2 weeks. Then I do a lightweight round on the PF express circuit at Planet Fitness 3 times a week (a series of machine exercises targeting all major muscle groups). I do push-ups, sit-ups, and jump rope on the non-Planet-Fitness days.

Next I’ll move on to heavier weights on the PF circuit and longer distances running.

Then there’s the weird obstacles

Since I’m training for this Warrior Dash. I actually need to get good at weird stuff like climbing rope nets and crawling over tires and through mud. See what I mean below. I think it will just take some level of overall fitness to get me there. Wish me luck! Also, join me: https://www.warriordash.com/location/2014-warrior-dash-connecticut-2/


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