CapitolBuddy first edition tees!

Looking for a bright yellow t-shirt to that screams, I'm politically and technologically savvy? Look no further. The CapitolBuddy tee shirt from TeeSpring is only $15. And we'll also hook up your favorite advocacy group with our tools if you tweet us @CapitolBuddy. Get it!

A vision for working around legislatures

When I worked around a state legislature... I spent some time at Missouri's state capitol as part of my work with Renew Missouri, but more often I heard about the struggles from my colleagues, who at peak times, might have to make the trek to Jefferson City 4 out of 5 business days. And when … Continue reading A vision for working around legislatures

New: Survey for a free state!

Answer ten questions about your work at the state capitol and you can have a one-year subscription to any state of your choice. Survey: Yes, we're really looking for people who work at state capitols or in state politics in some way. Those are the people that will get the most out of CapitolBuddy. But … Continue reading New: Survey for a free state!

Applying to BetaSpring

I'm in the middle of applying to the most important opportunity that I've ever had with CapitolBuddy. BetaSpring is a start-up accelerator here in Providence that I'm hoping will give me some mentorship and resources to help the evolution of CapitolBuddy. They also provide some funding and a space to work. I see what is … Continue reading Applying to BetaSpring

What’s new in CapitolBuddy 1.5

Last week, I released an update for CapitolBuddy that adds some key features. The "News" section is the most obvious addition. But there's also an updated interface for notes. And Vote Count is a little more sophisticated. See more about each of the big changes below. News Read something interesting about a legislator? Go find … Continue reading What’s new in CapitolBuddy 1.5