I made an API for symbol shortcuts

I was getting tired of googling it everytime I needed to know a shortcut to make a ™ or a ∞. So I turned it into an API via Kimonify. It took some work, because it wouldn't let me combine the columns very well form this source page: http://fsymbols.com/keyboard/mac/ I ended up making two difference collections … Continue reading I made an API for symbol shortcuts

Cactus: A better smart power strip

Three weeks ago, I started on a project with three other Providence entrepreneurs. Our goal is to raise $10,000 dollars through the crowd funding site RocketHub, and create an awesome smart power strip: Cactus. It came together very fast, and it had to. We didn't start planning this campaign until a week before the launch -- which … Continue reading Cactus: A better smart power strip

Introducing CompareMySolar

Check out a great new website I've started: mo.comparemysolar.com It's called CompareMySolar, where we make it easy to find the right solar installer and panels for you. We just launched in Missouri a couple months ago and we’ve already got ten installers throughout the state who have chosen to work with us. That’s great news … Continue reading Introducing CompareMySolar

I need to rant about “green coal”

What is this all about?! IT DOESN'T EXIST! COAL WILL NEVER BE "GREEN"! Let's say hypothetically in ten years there is a way to store carbon from coal-fired power plants safely where there's no danger of giant carbon releases that suffocate and kill nearby populations. Heck, let's go super hypothetical and say Carbon Capture and … Continue reading I need to rant about “green coal”