Exercise: an exercise in motivation

I work from home, and I'm self employed. I'm lucky to be doing things I love, making new products and apps and always learning. But with all that fun in my work life, and my work life taking place in the same place as my home life, I had sadly let go of the habit … Continue reading Exercise: an exercise in motivation

The dog sharing economy

The sharing economy has turned into a massive jobs creator for 20' and 30' somethings that have surplus resources. Airbnb creates income for people who have extra living space. Lyft does the same for people with a car and some time. And DogVacay gives that chance to dog lovers who have space for more dogs. … Continue reading The dog sharing economy

Cactus: A better smart power strip

Three weeks ago, I started on a project with three other Providence entrepreneurs. Our goal is to raise $10,000 dollars through the crowd funding site RocketHub, and create an awesome smart power strip: Cactus. It came together very fast, and it had to. We didn't start planning this campaign until a week before the launch -- which … Continue reading Cactus: A better smart power strip

Applying to BetaSpring

I'm in the middle of applying to the most important opportunity that I've ever had with CapitolBuddy. BetaSpring is a start-up accelerator here in Providence that I'm hoping will give me some mentorship and resources to help the evolution of CapitolBuddy. They also provide some funding and a space to work. I see what is … Continue reading Applying to BetaSpring