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MyFare has been forced to disable fare estimates from the Uber service. Uber does not seem to appreciate that we compare their fares to Lyft and that we use their logo as a button to open up their app. You will still be able to get estimates for Lyft fares. Here is the letter they sent me.

I hope you’ve found it useful and accurate. If you have any questions or suggestions, hit me up at

Lyft fare data source:

Uber fare data source:

I’m an independent app developer who saw a need for this, and this app has no affiliation with Lyft or Uber.

PaulRolfe4However, I (Paul), was a Lyft Driver and love the service. I just thought they could use a fare estimation tool in the app at the time. But I don’t work for them in that way, so I made my own fare estimation tool that others could use too.

There should not be any bias in the results, though. I’m taking their real life rate information, and apple’s route information to come up with these estimates. Please let me know if you see any discrepancies.


24 thoughts on “MyFare

  1. Why doesn’t Miami, Fl. appear on the list of cities? I needed the fare calculator for Miami.

  2. Hello Paul,

    First all I love your app, it’s really helpful. So I just switched my phone from Apple to Anroid, & your wonderful app is only for Apple. Is there a way you can make your app available for Anroid market. This will be very helpful for myself or other Android users that can benefit from your app.


  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for your app, but I can not get Orlando, FL as city.

    I know that Lyft is not here yet, but will be.

  4. I’m trying to understand your question. By “min $3 tip”, do you mean the $1 safety fee and the pick-up fee (which varies)? If so, yes. If that’s not what you meant, then you might need to explain more, as neither Lyft nor Uber require a tip. Thanks!

  5. I believe after the ride, there is a section to too the driver. If I remember correctly, the minimum you can too is $3. It has been a month or so since I’ve ridden them. Maybe they changed?

  6. Ah, well I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. You can tip as little as $0. And I took Lyft last week. And in any case, MyFare would never include a tip, because by definition the tip is an additional payment left to your discretion. Let me know if you see the app estimating anything incorrectly.

  7. I like the app. It simple and gives you a quick number. I am an uber driver in nashville. Does nashville include the recent price reductions.

    Also do u plan in having any surge multiplier or other service options like uberxl

    Drop me an email. I have another gap I identified that we may want to talk.

  8. Thanks, Nashville is now updated. I can’t provide surge multipliers because that sort of thing is based on how busy the service is at a given moment and I don’t have access to that info.

  9. Hi Paul,

    I’m in Salt Lake City, trying out this app. It calculates Lyft fares but not Uber fares for me. Uber is in Salt Lake City. Do you know why it’s not calculating the Uber fare?


  10. I like the app, a lot and have recommended it to several other drivers for both Lyft and Uber, and some pax.

    Several is my fellow drivers who are not using IOS were jealous.

    Just wondering a) how often do you update the fares to reflect current price adjustments in each market?
    b) will your future updates also include Lyft Plus and UberXL fares?

    Thanks for a great app!
    ~ jp

  11. Thanks for passing it along, I’m glad it works well for you. Sorry, I don’t have an android version yet.

    a) I monitor for changes to Uber and Lyft posted fares and it’s generally updated the day after the change happens. Base pricing doesn’t change all that often.

    I’m working on something to calculate surge pricing, but it’s pretty tough to get that right, so I rather not mislead folks.

    b) I’ve considered adding Lyft Plus and a couple of the Uber options where they’re available. You may see that in a few months.


  12. Paul,

    I tried unsuccessfully to learn the estimated fare from my Minneapolis location to the Elk River, MN YMCA.

    The app kept spinning and spinning with no end in/on sight/site!

    Have I broken an unspoken rule that states, “Beware all who go forth with Speedos”?

    Maybe I missed the memo stating, “A pox to all who travel outside Minneapolis city limits!”

    Your input is appreciated.



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