My First Day at Power Shift

I just arrived in Washington D.C. for the Power Shift conference. It’s centered around the youth movement and push for a clean energy economy. I’ve come here for a few reasons though.

  1. Looking for jobs. There are environmental organizers, environment publications, environmental law schools, clean energy companies, anything that I could possibly be interested in.
  2. Seeing my old  enviro-friends. I’ve met lots of people from across Missouri at various events throughout college centered on sustainability. It will be really cool to see all of them and 7500 other kids too.
  3. Make new friends/connections. Like the polar bear and panda bear seen above. But really it is important that I meet people that can help me find a job and people that l can help later. I want to pay it forward of course.
  4. Find a good story. I need a story for my Covering Energy and Climate Change class about energy issues. I think the youth movement seen here for clean energy is a pretty good starting place for a story.

I’m here with a fantastic group of 12 people from Mizzou and we just had an interesting road trip all the way here from Columbia. We drove through the night, saw some janky gas stations, took some wrong turns but made it here alive.

Here’s to the next 4 days!

(And here’s my 11 Mizzou Power Shift friends)

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