CapitolBuddy’s blog is moving

The time has come to separate CapitolBuddy' posts from Paul's posts. This blog will remain a place for my other projects and a host for my own musings. But if you're not following this blog for those reasons, then it's time to unfollow me and head over to the new official CapitolBuddy blog, where you … Continue reading CapitolBuddy’s blog is moving


A vision for working around legislatures

When I worked around a state legislature... I spent some time at Missouri's state capitol as part of my work with Renew Missouri, but more often I heard about the struggles from my colleagues, who at peak times, might have to make the trek to Jefferson City 4 out of 5 business days. And when … Continue reading A vision for working around legislatures

What’s new in CapitolBuddy 1.5

Last week, I released an update for CapitolBuddy that adds some key features. The "News" section is the most obvious addition. But there's also an updated interface for notes. And Vote Count is a little more sophisticated. See more about each of the big changes below. News Read something interesting about a legislator? Go find … Continue reading What’s new in CapitolBuddy 1.5

CapitolBuddy puts legislators in your hand [video] If you work at a state capitol in any capacity, you likely need to know the lawmakers around you, and you also need to take well organized notes on those lawmakers. CapitolBuddy gives you the info you need to succeed. Take a look at Rhode Island's info for free by downloading the app on … Continue reading CapitolBuddy puts legislators in your hand